Sunday, October 27, 2013

Young Frankenstein

Happy Sunday fellow creepsters!

I must be honest with you all...yesterday I lied. I never made it out to the corn maze, and never got to use 'Malachi' or 'Outlander'...instead my roller derby BFF and I made pies and got some awesome tattoos...

Yes ladies and germs those are mustache tattoos, and yes they are real. No one seemed to believe that last night at the Halloween derby party. Ainta Bandaid is one of my best friends ever and roller derby is what brought us together and if you follow derby you might have noticed that we're all pretty obsessed with bacon and mustaches. This is just such a beautiful bromance.

Alright, bromancing aside today I am reviewing one of my all time favorite Mel Brooks movies, Young Frankenstein. And ironically enough the Central Wisconsin Area Community Theater is putting on the musical version of Young Frankenstein this weekend!

I remember being about 8 or 9 and asking my mom to buy this movie for me because it was about Frankenstein. I didn't know that it was a Mel Brooks parody, I seriously thought that it was a sequel to Frankenstein and that it was about his younger brother or something. I watched this movie so much that I wore out the VHS which was also the special edition with 10 minutes of outtakes after the movie.

Released in 1974 this movie was directed by Mel Brooks (duh) and stars a lot of amazing people who were mentioned in the trailer...go and watch the it...

One of the things that makes this movie great, besides the comedy and shtick is that a lot of the props used were the same props used in the movie Frankenstein.


This movie will appeal to a wide audience, if you like Frankenstein you will like this movie. If you love Mel Brooks you will love this movie. If you're a fan of shtick you will be a fan of this movie. Go ahead, watch this movie and then call me a liar. (Unfortunately this one is not currently on Netflix)

IMDB rates this a solid 8 out of 10 stars and Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 94% with a 90% audience approval rating. I am giving this 5 out of 5 skulls because this movie is just so nostalgic for me and it's just so damn funny.

Until tomorrow fellow creepsters,
Sleep tight and don't let the zombies bite!


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